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first thread shit thread
Julay just died again kek
I guess this is the shitposting thread every board needs one tbh so I'll voice an unpopular opinion here. BO, I remember seeing you set up a bunker on neinchan. You do know that is run by a literally tranny and is part of the ACF right? Seems rather at odds with a /fascist/ board's ethics and agenda imo. Just saying, feel free to ban me now.
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Once Julay comes back up check out the thread on the Neinchan / JulayWorld slate article. Some anon said that he's going to compile evidence for anons in general and I'll see what is up then. I don't really keep up with this drama personally. I'm aware of the concern and that's why I made this the primary bunker. 

And I'm not going to ban you, I don't have a strong attachment to Nein or anything. I didn't even browse it myself until after the article.
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Sorry, meant for >>7. Also, does anyone know how to use the BO tag here? #rs doesn't seem to work
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Nevermind I figured it out. There's always a learning code for these new sites. I can't figure out how to do shit here. It was like that when we first moved to Julay too though
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I see fine. If you would, please post a link to the specifics here since that will be an easy way for me to find it thanks. I'm interested in the evidence myself.
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It's ok this is a new imageboard software after all
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Sure, if that anon delivers on what he has been saying that he'd compile I'll link it here. I'm not sure how long that will take him since I think I've read him say the same thing over the last week or two but I'd be happy to do so.
Yeah I've never seen anything like this before. I've already figured out a bit more already luckily. Hopefully we won't have to be here that much honestly. I really like Julay but the last few weeks it has been going down left and right with those 502 errors. It might just be maintenance today though, since they were fucking with the themes and breaking the site earlier as we know
Did we (5 users) really need a 4th bunker?

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