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Self-explanatory. If you have a one-liner question won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, post it here.
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>>6 (OP) 
What is the purpose of fascism after the jews are exterminated and the non-whites neutered
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>the non-whites neutered
It's to keep going until the non-whites are exterminated
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Ok then after that what?
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>>6 (OP) 
Are there efforts in archiving all the fascist content from YouTube to IPFS OR BitTorrent?
Because we should be able to maintain a library, music, video, books and such and P2P store them?
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Fascism is about far more than killing Jews. Fascism is fundamentally about hierarchy and harmonizing the disparate portions of society within an organic, harmonious whole. The natural order will be restored.
There's plenty of NatSoc content on bitchute, so if you feel like saving some there do.
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Not sure how /tech/ oriented you are, but there was an article recently showing bitchute doesn't really use P2P much, if at all. https://www.dailydot.com/layer8/bitchute-decentralization-claims/
Its somewhat embellished and authored by hotwheels but TLDR; they use webtorrent very little, magnet links mostly dont work and the platform itself it not decentralised. 
Not that it takes away from your point. Its true there is NatSoc content on bitchute, but >>20 seems to be after more resilient sources of content where even bitchute might be a bit lacking.
Where the fuck did the board go?
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What board are you referring to?
If you're talking about Julay and are trying to get on via the Tor address by chance I think it changed

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