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Draw some stuff.
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Why yes, I am.
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I'm growing quite fond of this place, fatanons.
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Excellent, added to banners.
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Kek, who turned my art into a banner? That mess is rad!
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This is technically painting, but I wanted to post it here for you fatanons.
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is there a oekaki drawing feature? for making quick artworks its convenient and decent enough. i figure not since this isnt vichan but cant hurt to ask. i dont mind drawing in another program if i have to
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No, there is not. Very low priority/not on my todo list atm since its not essential. When I get around to it, I'll use an existing open source solution if I can figure how to intrgrate it. Any suggestions on that front? I know vichan (like you mention) uses wpaint but that requires alot of jquery which I would reeeeally like to avoid. Anyways for more discussion about that head to >>>/t/ or >>>/tech/
For now you will have to stick with MS paint GIMP :)
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Ok thanks. im not a /tech type, so cant recommend any in particular but ill keep my eye on meta and tech as u said.
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What exactly is a doodle is open to interpretation. It can be painterly, there is Post-Impressionist work that possess the same spirit as a doodle. Skill is a factor, someone of higher skill can create more detailed/polished work and consider it a doodle, so don't hesitate sharing something "too good". Post whatever you want, as often as you want. I'm just happy my board is being used, I thought I would be alone here. Seeing others' work has been pushing me to contribute, without that it would likely still be empty because I struggle to motivate myself.

>Very low priority/not on my todo list atm since its not essential.
That's fine by me. I never liked using them, but that's because I don't have a tablet and it's hard enough using a mouse without the added shortcomings of an oekaki applet. However, if it were implemented I would enable it for anyone who would want to use it here.
>Any suggestions on that front?
Nothing specific, but my favorite feature of an oekaki applet is playback of the drawing process. Without that there's little reason to use it over an actual program. I suggest looking for ones which do that when you get around to it.
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Can someone put retro 3D red/blue glasses on this handsome man and maybe give him a Light Phaser? I sure would appreciate it. would make a great spoiler pic
t. Retard
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You are the best thank you very much
That's rad.
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