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Hello, welcome to the official /robowaifu/ bunker-bunker. We are all currently located over at Julay:

Please join us there! We'll use this board as a spot for a regrouping if needed, and should the need ever arise we will migrate here, per our agreement with the administration of fatpeople.

Have a nice day anon. :^)
>t. Chobitsu

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Why Robowaifu?

Most of the world's modern women have failed their men and their societies, feminism is rampant, and men around the world have been looking for a solution. History shows there are cultural and political solutions to this problem, but we believe that technology is the best way forward at present – specifically the technology of robotics. We are technologists, dreamers, hobbyists and geeks looking forward to a day when any man can build the companionship he desires in his own home. Not content to wait for the future, however, we are bringing that day forward. We are creating an active hobbyist scene of builders, programmers, artists and designers, using the technology of today, not tomorrow. Join us!

>Note: This is generally a SFW board, given our engineering focus primarily. On-topic NSFW content is OK, but please spoiler it. There are some bizarre NSFW over at our friend's place https://smuglo.li/monster/ for those so inclined.

What is a Robowaifu?

That's a very good question! A robowaifu is a robot that fulfills a man's natural need for companionship. To achieve this, there are many problems to be solved, and there are many approaches being explored here. Solutions range from silicone sex dolls with robotic features to VR and virtual girlfriends, and even into the realm of spirituality.

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Welp, apparently julay is down again. Neither the two clearnet domains:
nor the onion site:
are working atm it seems.

The last time this happened it was due to the MongoDB database backend crashing. I checked with the guys over on julay's rizon channel and they confirmed that's what's going on. Robi will probably grant someone else access sufficient to restart the DB server in his absence after this. Let's hope so any way.

In the meantime, might as well get /comfy/. What about
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Replies: >>35 + 1 earlier
Why tf are you using plural? lol
>>9 (OP) 
Does robowaifu OPs from 8ch even know this exist? They're all gone, it's all because of a fucking pollfaggot of a shooter meant to silence qresearch.
Replies: >>36 >>37
Im not sure, but the BO from here and https://julay.world/robowaifu seems to have disppeared so its quite dead.
Replies: >>37
I still use it. I haven't posted in a while out of lack of things to talk about. i might try to get a conversation going about valentine's day in the meta thread to see what everyone is doing.  
yes. I think chobitsu changed his mind about the 8kun question. I don't think anyone there uses it. /cuckquean/ answer the 8kun question by deleting their previous board. 
i miss chobitsu
I'm fine guys, I've just been busy.

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My favorite robowaifu is Chii. I'd like to see yours.
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Replies: >>18
Cyber for relevance nya~
Replies: >>19 >>20
Hey sorry about the broken link, you made me find a bug in the styling by making that post :^) so I fixed it. The link will now correctly display if you have surrounding styling like https://megu.ca/nya/
Replies: >>20
mind doing an archive page anon? megu.ca is hiding behind (((cuckflare))) tbh.

thanks Tom.
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>needs moar catgrils tbh
It's a literal race between the superior robowaifus, and genetically-engineered catgrils for domestic use.

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Russian company Promobot begins serial production of humanoid robots. Their ability is limited to pre-programmed expressions and voice lines and they have about an 8 hour battery life but in terms of looks they've nearly conquered the uncanny valley. This is fantastic progress but I have no idea on the cost.
>in terms of looks they've nearly conquered the uncanny valley
ofc this is clearly an area for subjective opinion, but the pic doesn't lead to think so personally.

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