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Welp, apparently julay is down again. Neither the two clearnet domains:
nor the onion site:
are working atm it seems.

The last time this happened it was due to the MongoDB database backend crashing. I checked with the guys over on julay's rizon channel and they confirmed that's what's going on. Robi will probably grant someone else access sufficient to restart the DB server in his absence after this. Let's hope so any way.

In the meantime, might as well get /comfy/. What about them robowaifus anon?
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>>9 (OP) 
Also, did anyone catch the roastie kvetching thread made last night? Seems someone found 'your project' disgusting. Shocking, I know.
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why the fuck is this board safe for work
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NSFW is primarily pornographic and unspoilered content. This BO has spoilered the only (1) unsafe image so board is following the rules as far as I'm concerned.
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Because in our community, several of us are engineers. If one of us were foolish enough to be browsing the board while at work, either pulling up some old idea, or just dreaming of a brighter future to come, and some socjus harpie happened by his cube just then and saw some hot pic of Jenny Wakeman and getting boned by Anon... well you get the picture.
Heh, I wonder if she's a lurker now, disgusted but too fascinated to ever leave.
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BTW, hopefully /clang/ will regroup into a bunker somewhere on the webring and then you can enjoy it fapping to hot, smexu toasters all day then anon. I'll link to them in the Welcome Thread if I ever discover their whereabouts. Please let me know if you ever spot them somewhere anon.
So, there's a thread about the ArchBot Imageboard Migrator up.
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The project's new name is now BUMP, The imageboard porter.
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comfy bunker time!
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New version available today.
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The reason women should never use VR tbh.
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Is there any reason a bigger version of a Dolfie Dream doll couln't be turned into some kind of robowaifu?
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A guy has made a life-sized robowaifu (she can't walk or stand on her own yet).
Julay's having  a tough day by all appearances. I think this is the 3rd time in about 24 hrs or so they're down.
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Hello there, I was redirected here by someone over on the main board at JulayWorld about contacting someone named "Tom" in regards to Chobitsu's whereabouts. Chobitsu has temporarily lost ownership of /robowaifu/ and one of the JulayWorld mods have taken over. This is because he has been inactive for over a month. Does the administration staff of this bunker bunker have some form of a line of contact with Chobitsu or know his current status? Please get back to me when you can.
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Chobitsu has been inactive for >1 month here also. Im afraid I have no way to contact them since this site doesnt require email for registration. I never thought anything strange of the inactivity because this is just a backup bunker, but if they are gone from Julay too i have no idea what might have happened. Sorry I cant be of more help, hopefully they are OK.
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Thanks for the the assistance, Tom. I'll let you know if I hear anything from the mods over at Julay. Have a good day/evening.
Image unrelated.
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Why tf are you using plural? lol
>>9 (OP) 
Does robowaifu OPs from 8ch even know this exist? They're all gone, it's all because of a fucking pollfaggot of a shooter meant to silence qresearch.
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Im not sure, but the BO from here and https://julay.world/robowaifu seems to have disppeared so its quite dead.
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I still use it. I haven't posted in a while out of lack of things to talk about. i might try to get a conversation going about valentine's day in the meta thread to see what everyone is doing.  
yes. I think chobitsu changed his mind about the 8kun question. I don't think anyone there uses it. /cuckquean/ answer the 8kun question by deleting their previous board. 
i miss chobitsu
I'm fine guys, I've just been busy.

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