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>span class
>span class
>span class
Why is post formatting done like this? I never understand. There's already HTML tags to accomplish most things.
Bold = <b>, <strong>
Italic = <i>
Strikethrough = <s>
Underline = <u>
Inline monospace = <code>
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>>137 (OP) 
The main reason is some of those tags do not appear the same in all browsers or platforms. So you have better consistency with classes. Some other things to note:
1. Text is escaped before styling.
2. Some markdown-like format is easier and shorter for users to type, not everybody knows html.
3. The "raw" form (unstyled) of the post is served in the API and is better for other applications that probably dont want html and make their own styling.
However I agree this isnt ideal and might change in future to accommodate some features:
-Allow raw html for staff.
-Add server side syntax highlight for code tags.
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>The main reason is some of those tags do not appear the same in all browsers or platforms
Yeah I was talking about the HTML tags specifically, not about how the user inputs them.

Most of them used to mean styles, but apparently they can now all mean any unknown thing or nothing at all. Looks like I need to get updated on all the ways the web has gotten even fucking worse than it used to be.

Another consideration though, potentially, is other tools for browsing or interpreting the website. They won't know what a span with a special class is supposed to represent, but they will know what a html <code> tag is meant to represent.
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I actually don't mind BBCode nad have been thinking of switching to it (or something similar). Tags can have a name that is more descriptive so users actually understand what it is. Also I can add more styles and not be limited by weird combinations of special characters.

Suggestion: /fat/ to actually match the name of this site. Theme: sharing food pictures or someshit idk
(610.4KB, 146x150)
Hey, board creation is open to the public (for now) so you can start the board if you like.
I will probably cap it at like 20 boards if the place catches on and make it request based after that.
I wouldn't mind a food board or something and /fat/ is a good name.

(6.7KB, 233x355)
It shows up as a white box.
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(94KB, 746x1433)
>>132 (OP) 
i see it on my end, do you have iframes disabled?
or (less likely) it might be a CSP issue. check your browser console for anything about that.
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It was frames. Enabling frames through noscript displays it now.
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i could make it available without iframe, but then it cant be refreshed/regenerated without refreshing the whole page.
thats probably why 8chan kept captcha on a separate page for noscript users.
ill keep it like this unless im absoltely forced to change it.
Replies: >>136
That's fine. Given that it is annoying having to refresh the page if you screw up the captcha, it's best to leave it as is.

(12.5KB, 300x300)
Just added auto update for threads, so new posts are polled for periodically and will be inserted automatically. It makes sure all new quotes are inserted and linked properly, and stuff like image expansion should work too.

Currently there are no options for disabling it, enabling scroll to bottom, manually refreshing, etc. I will add those muchlater once I come up with a good central UI to store options so that I dont have messy checkboxes all over the place or content jumping from inserting them on page load.

Im pretty sure like 10 people use the site tops, so have fun yall :^)
now it uses websocket to be properly live :^)

I fixed the filename hovering to work better with the image expanding script. So now hovering filenames is back and it will show the full filename if there is enough room when you expand an image.
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(21KB, 336x280)
>>120 (OP) 

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In tempus augue at tortor pellentesque placerat. Vivamus dignissim placerat commodo. Integer a enim feugiat, tempus velit ut, commodo lorem. Aenean orci sem, iaculis vitae viverra in, sodales a lectus. Sed luctus eu justo sodales accumsan. Morbi nec aliquam turpis. Nullam eu ex consequat, maximus nulla eu, cursus quam. Nulla luctus leo ut velit tristique, a aliquet diam fermentum.

(38.8KB, 1144x858)
Things to add: 
thread watcher
quick reply
report button next to the post
image search button
quick navigation arrows
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>thread watcher
okay, noted.
>quick reply
the post box should stay on the screen no matter where you scroll. i thought that was the main reason for quick reply (not having to scroll back up top) is there another reason?
>report button next to the post
dont think ill add this. the report form at the bottom works fine and you can select more than 1 post
>image search button
can you elaborate what you mean for this? search the whole site or just a single thread/page and by what criteria?
>quick navigation arrows
bottom right. i could move them since the location is pretty bad for desktops. any suggestion?
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>>118 (OP) 
Now I know what you meant by "quick reply" and its been added since >>124. Not sure if you still here, but there ya go.

Ever heard of Zipf's Law and Lorenz Curve?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zipf%27s_law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorenz_curve
(Also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle but hey 80/20 is understandable)

Here is my idea: every month we tally up all 8chan-style board's population count and activity,
and judge by that we determine which top boards should get the most thread/page limit.
The worst performing boards would be automatically deleted (depending on expected board count).
The 1st board would get N thread limits, 2nd board would get N/(2^f) thread limits, 3rd gets N/(3^f) and so on.
In this instance f would be the competition factor, 1 being standard, 0 < f < 1 being less harsh, f > 1 being more harsh.

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just one more reply to say: maybe you think im stubborn or rude, but an important part of open source stuff is to know when to say "no" to a feature. thats why im mqking the decision clear now. i would be open for this as an optional feature, however. i just wont add it right away.

once i get some free time next week ill rework the permissions system to allow for user board creation :)
Replies: >>84
(464.3KB, 758x614)
>>78 i reworked the permission system a bit so there is different perms for site admin, global staff, board owner and board mods/volunteers.
>>64 It is now sorted by users, pph, total posts and limited to 20 boards on homepage. ill next add a separate paginated list of all boards incase there are more than 20.
does there allow nsfw stuff or non-english board?
Replies: >>117
Sure, why not. But this site is mostly for testing and demo of the board software.

I added modlogs. theres a link in the same place as catalog and banners links.

/board/logs.html for list of daily logs
/board/logs/mm-dd-yyyy.html for logs on that date

it lists all successful post actions excluding reports (dismissals included) and multiple actions and ids can be in a single log record
(412.1KB, 600x400)

(44.9KB, 524x550)
Just made a dark theme quickly, colors mostly the same/very similar to the "tomorrow" theme commonly seen on imageboards. lmk what yall think.
incase anyone sees this, its now more like lainchan than tomorrow. I still have other themese in the stylesheet and will make them configurable globally or per-board.
now theme can change per board, for example on >>>/pol/ using yotsuba b
And now if you use js, there is a theme switcher in the footer. It's pretty nice, too. You dont get any FOUC or default theme. It loads straight with the correct theme.

Dice rolls ##XdY+/-Z
X=num of dice
Y=num of sides 
modifier optional

(##3d11-2) Rolled 3 dice with 11 sides and modifier -2 = 19
(##100d100+100) Rolled 100 dice with 100 sides and modifier +100 = 5064
(##0d0+0) Rolled 1 dice with 1 sides = 1
(##5d6) Rolled 5 dice with 6 sides = 23

test again w new image
(##10d3-2) Rolled 10 dice with 3 sides and modifier -2 = 16
 last one
(##2d7) Rolled 2 dice with 7 sides = 8

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