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The Official Meta Thread
Discuss here everything about the site, the software, the staff, etc.

Firstly, yes board creation is open but don't go crazy. I Will disable it at ~20 boards and allow exceptions beyond that for boards I find personally interesting or boards that need a bunker. When it comes to managing your board, I'll repeat what I said in another thread:
>Follow site rules, keep the content legal, don't skirt the line.
If you lack the time and staff to manage board, don't start one. Global moderation here works to keep the site running and out of trouble, not to run your board for you.
There has been some new activity since this site was added to the "webring" which is nice. There are tons of cool sites in the webring which you can find on the board page: so have your bookmarks folder ready.
The software running here is a work in progress. Some features may be missing, others may be broken. Things will improve with time. If something does not work as you expect or you have any issues, please make a post in this thread (or board) and include a detailed description of the problem and steps to reproduce. For vulnerabilities/security issues, please refer to the FAQ and contact me privately.
hehehehehehe fat people LOL. but wtf is this place
Is this thing on?
see, i'm global staff u pepega
After editing the main.js with new global settings, how do I force it on all boards?
F.e. old thread limit was 100, now 50. But gulp and pm2 reload all and still some boards have more than 50 threads.
Even after creating a new post/thread on said board.
Your board has WAY too many unnecessary options. The world really needs a stable, simple chan that does not break down every 2 minutes. Every single unnecessary option is just something to break down in the future.
For those crazy enough to try installing jschan, you can get some help directly from me here.
Also there is no database update scripts yet, so you will have to pay attention to this thread and be careful before making updates that change databse schema.
Hi! Your top links (home news boards account manage) is a really awesome board look. It is simple, natural and awesome.
Not trying to stir up shit, I'm legit curious what you think of this. I have always avoided frameworks and I admit I'm very biased against them.

Can we have an open discussion about these abusive assholes and how to keep their slimy paws off the webring?

I know there are 3 sites listed in your blacklist here, are there other known sites these tranny assholes are also running? There appears to be a shill post on floridachan. Is this one of their sites too?
Stephen Lynx is a cunt.
Hope you manage to make this software better so I don't have to deal with the trannycoder and his butt plug addons.
Scuffed code

'use strict';
const net = require("net");
const path = require("path");
const uuid = require("uuid/v4");

module.exports = class IPCClient {
    constructor(pipeName) {
        this.client = net.createConnection(path.join(
            "\\\\?\\pipe", process.cwd(), pipeName
        ), ()=>{
            console.log("[] IPC socket is connected");
            if(this.onconnect != null) this.onconnect();

        this.client.on("end", ()=>this.endHandler());
        this.client.on("error", (err)=>this.errorHandler(err));
        this.client.on("data", (data)=>this.dataHandler(data));
        this.client.on("drain", ()=>this.flushQueue());

        this.rooms = {};

        this.join("sys", this.systemHandler);

        this.messageQueue = [];
        this.onconnect = null;
        this.sendDelay = 50;
        this.flushDelay = 50;
        this.flushInProgress = false;

        setInterval(()=>this.flushQueue(), this.flushDelay);

    connected(cb){ this.onconnect = cb; }

    async flushQueue() {
        if(this.flushInProgress) return;
        this.flushInProgress = true;
        while(this.messageQueue.length != 0) {
            await new Promise((res, rej)=>setTimeout(res, this.sendDelay));
        this.flushInProgress = false;

    systemHandler(data) {
        console.log("Received system message");

        return false;

    join(room, cb) { this.rooms[room] = cb; }

    leave(room) { delete this.rooms[room]; }

    send(room, data) {
        this.messageQueue.push(JSON.stringify({room: room, data: data}));

    sendAndWait(room, data) {
        return new Promise((res, rej)=>{
            const target = uuid();

            this.join(target, data=>{

            this.send(room, {
                return_room: target,
                content: data

    errorHandler(err) {

    endHandler() {
        console.log("connection closed");

    dataHandler(data) {
        try {
            data = JSON.parse(data);
            if(this.rooms[]) {
                const result = this.rooms[](;

                if(result != null && this.send(, result);
                //else if (result != null) this.send(, result);
        } catch (err) {
language: kotlin, relevance: 146
Are there any restrictions for posters using tor?
Hi I am an Anon
I figured out why GIFs had a noticeable delay when processing. Issue has been fixed and gifs should process as fast as any other file again.
Just testing the upload progress script. When you make a post the "New thread" or "New reply" button will show a percentage of upload. For posts without files it usually just skips right to 100, but its pretty useful when uploading files.

Also when posting in a thread, the page wont refresh when you post, it will show up the same way other posts arrive live (through the websocket) and scroll down and highlight your post.

This applies for users with javascript enabled. Everything works how it did as usual for noscript users,
Hey there, so I noticed that I was clicking the wrong items to lock and pin threads. I was actually locking and bumplocking the threads instead. I only realized it afterwards. Looking at the layout I understand why I was confused.
>the subject says it all
I'm interested in creating a fallback board as a bunker-bunker. Is this an agreeable idea Site Admin? It probably won't ever have much traffic as long as Julay stays up, but if it goes down for any reason, I'll migrate us the new board.
The background of the thumbnail for my image posted is black even tho its supposed to be transparent. The big image is fine.
>span class
>span class
>span class
Why is post formatting done like this? I never understand. There's already HTML tags to accomplish most things.
Bold = <b>, <strong>
Italic = <i>
Strikethrough = <s>
Underline = <u>
Inline monospace = <code>
Suggestion: /fat/ to actually match the name of this site. Theme: sharing food pictures or someshit idk
It shows up as a white box.
Just added auto update for threads, so new posts are polled for periodically and will be inserted automatically. It makes sure all new quotes are inserted and linked properly, and stuff like image expansion should work too.

Currently there are no options for disabling it, enabling scroll to bottom, manually refreshing, etc. I will add those muchlater once I come up with a good central UI to store options so that I dont have messy checkboxes all over the place or content jumping from inserting them on page load.

Im pretty sure like 10 people use the site tops, so have fun yall :^)
I fixed the filename hovering to work better with the image expanding script. So now hovering filenames is back and it will show the full filename if there is enough room when you expand an image.
Things to add: 
thread watcher
quick reply
report button next to the post
image search button
quick navigation arrows
Ever heard of Zipf's Law and Lorenz Curve?
(Also but hey 80/20 is understandable)

Here is my idea: every month we tally up all 8chan-style board's population count and activity,
and judge by that we determine which top boards should get the most thread/page limit.
The worst performing boards would be automatically deleted (depending on expected board count).
The 1st board would get N thread limits, 2nd board would get N/(2^f) thread limits, 3rd gets N/(3^f) and so on.
In this instance f would be the competition factor, 1 being standard, 0 < f < 1 being less harsh, f > 1 being more harsh.

Challenge 1: Determining popularity of a board
Challenge 2: Determining expected number of boards and threads (resources)
Challenge 3: Setting a fair f factor that allow things to go smoothly
I added modlogs. theres a link in the same place as catalog and banners links.

/board/logs.html for list of daily logs
/board/logs/mm-dd-yyyy.html for logs on that date

it lists all successful post actions excluding reports (dismissals included) and multiple actions and ids can be in a single log record
Just made a dark theme quickly, colors mostly the same/very similar to the "tomorrow" theme commonly seen on imageboards. lmk what yall think.
Dice rolls ##XdY+/-Z
X=num of dice
Y=num of sides 
modifier optional

(##3d11-2) Rolled 3 dice with 11 sides and modifier -2 = 19
Hey, you helped set up 1chan's instance of vichan a while back. We need some help again, if you're willing. I tried the email address you used but it bounced back.
I do want to see this being developed as a replacement for 8chan and lynxchan
> Lynxchan is made by StephenLynx
test thread for new captchas
OK i just made the sticky, lock, cyclic, etc integers so I could XOR them in mongodb, that way i didnt have to change much to allow toggling them and it fits in with the batch processing system e.g. different ones can be toggle on or off at once
tripcode test
new post test

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