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Please refer to >>492 and report any issues in the same thread

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The Official Meta Thread
Discuss here everything about the site, the software, the staff, etc.
Rules: https://fatpeople.lol/rules.html
FAQ: https://fatpeople.lol/faq.html

Firstly, yes board creation is open but don't go crazy. I Will disable it at ~20 boards and allow exceptions beyond that for boards I find personally interesting or boards that need a bunker. When it comes to managing your board, I'll repeat what I said in another thread:
>Follow site rules, keep the content legal, don't skirt the line.
If you lack the time and staff to manage board, don't start one. Global moderation here works to keep the site running and out of trouble, not to run your board for you.
There has been some new activity since
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I'm pretty sure he will when 8channel inevitably goes down. Anyway, keep up the good work. You're pissing off the trannycoder which means you're on the right path.
Replies: >>517
Why do you think 8channel will go down?
Replies: >>518
It's happened before and given its controversial yet legal content and resistance from normalscum there's a big chance it will happen (again).
Replies: >>519
Just to chime in, the "this site is seized" thing was photoshopped/edited im pretty sure. If thats what youre referring to as "last time". Their host is frantech (same host as julay.world and this sites reverse proxies) and yes they are free speech happy, but 8channel is definitely skirting the line.
Replies: >>520
They can always go with Novogara, but it's more expensive.

(336.7KB, 492x376)
For those crazy enough to try installing jschan, you can get some help directly from me here.
Also there is no database update scripts yet, so you will have to pay attention to this thread and be careful before making updates that change databse schema.
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Not in one, I rarely use IRC. Whats up? I can join one if you need to chat.
Replies: >>505
My Alphachan VPS expired so I need to set everything up again from scratch and I may or may not need assistance. I can and will start on my own at first but I'm pretty sure I'll run into issues again.
Replies: >>506
Alright, ill idle in the IRC you gave last time. just ping me in there if you end up needing me.
Replies: >>507
Alright. Hope I still remember it correctly :^).
(52KB, 769x661)
Alright, with a few directives from Tom, Alphachan is back up again.
Cheers Tom and don't forget to add that captcha folder to the setup ;).

Can we have an open discussion about these abusive assholes and how to keep their slimy paws off the webring?

I know there are 3 sites listed in your blacklist here, are there other known sites these tranny assholes are also running? There appears to be a shill post on floridachan. Is this one of their sites too?
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So, has anyone actually compiled a list of the guilty sites of the ACF (for those of us who never wanted to sit through literal days of videos listening to tranny faggots plot schemes)?
Replies: >>460
There's a list very early in the /cow/ thread from their "home" "page". The big players were spacechan and neinchan; endchan apparently got suckered in at one point but odili ran as soon as he heard what they were talking about in their big gay discord.
Replies: >>461
that's a cyclical and those posts are long gone i expect. did anyone ever record it elsewhere?
Replies: >>462
>that's a cyclical
No it isn't: https://julay.world/cow/res/7486.html
Replies: >>463
That's good news, thanks anon. Care to further spoonfeed us where a list (if any) or the evidence for which sites other than the ones already mentioned here are?

Spoiler File
(791.1KB, 745x607)
Stephen Lynx is a cunt.
Hope you manage to make this software better so I don't have to deal with the trannycoder and his butt plug addons.
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>some disease?
probably a yeast (Candida) infection. if you brush your teeth daily, u aren't likely ever going to get it.
Could someone list all the bugs from Lynxchan just for the keks?
Replies: >>440
Lynxchan itself isnt that buggy it just makes the mistake of not including a proper frontend. The default frontend is really ugly and ruins the experience. Feature wise lynxchan is quite good and its latest versions have made some nice improvements. I think if you made a frontend to replicate infinity, most users would like lynxchan but sadly that hasn't happened.
One bug I can think of (not sure if fixed now) is that if you post withotut a block bypass, you get redirected to the block bypass page. Sounds normal, right? Well even though your post didnt go through, it still counts towards flood detection so sometimes you still get blocked from posting.
Replies: >>441
Read up on https://gitlab.com/alogware/xanderlynx and come back, as that theme is pretty good, and is applied to many websites.
What are the outputs of the backend anyway? Just a JSON API? Also are there any other frontends of Webring+Lynxchan?
Replies: >>442
I think julay.world uses xanderlynx. I just checked and it still has issues like horizontal scrolling (not having proper max width or overflow css), scripts not combined, content jumping, unlabelled icons in weird places, etc.
>what are outputs of backend
Lynx frontend is the js, css and templates that the backend will fill in with data and output json and html to gridfs, files within mongodb.

Scuffed code

'use strict';
const net = require("net");
const path = require("path");
const uuid = require("uuid/v4");

module.exports = class IPCClient {
    constructor(pipeName) {
        this.client = net.createConnection(path.join(
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Are there any restrictions for posters using tor?
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The tor project themself host some good information and the technical papers aren't too hard to understand. You can start with some reading here:
Replies: >>280
ok, thanks. i have the first phase of my software working now, so i'll make a thread on /tech/ this weekend.
Replies: >>281
Blogposter guy?
Replies: >>282
(214.6KB, 1137x966)
>pic related
Replies: >>283
Sweet, sounds good.

Brazilian Leftist Politician 0265a8.jpg
(168.6KB, 720x720)
Hi I am an Anon
Hi I am too.

(4MB, 337x263)
I figured out why GIFs had a noticeable delay when processing. Issue has been fixed and gifs should process as fast as any other file again.
good news thanks
Replies: >>213
It was actually kind of funny why. Basically GraphicsMagick was being really slow to "identify" the image. Identify gets information like the size, resolution, format, color, etc. For GIFs it was doing an identify on every frame so it would take normal image identify time * number of frames. I previously changed this with thumbnailing because it tries to do the same thing (makes a thumbnail of every frame) but it never occured to me that identify would have the same problem. Thankfully the GM wrapper I am using makes it easy, I literally just changed the filename to have an array index on it like filename.gif[0] which means to just take the first frame.
Replies: >>216
Nice work. Good thing it was such a simple fix tbh.

Just testing the upload progress script. When you make a post the "New thread" or "New reply" button will show a percentage of upload. For posts without files it usually just skips right to 100, but its pretty useful when uploading files.

Also when posting in a thread, the page wont refresh when you post, it will show up the same way other posts arrive live (through the websocket) and scroll down and highlight your post.

This applies for users with javascript enabled. Everything works how it did as usual for noscript users,
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Replies: >>203
(132.1KB, 1024x576)
Fun fact: Starfish actually do this; cut them into pieces and they will regenerate a new starfish from each piece.

You sure that's the original bro?
Replies: >>204
Same checksum as one uploaded on the official website 
If there is a clearer version, I would love to see it.
Replies: >>209
Kek. It's a long-standing meme that someone edits his stuff to include a star of david to imply the kikes were behind w/e the comic was lampooning. for example, cloudflare in this case would have (((BIG))) one. that's 'the original'. Ben himself plays along with it when he used to dump a new one on /pol/.
Replies: >>210
Hehe, went over my head. I have seen some edits and the pieces from triggered journalism interns but seems like Ben doesn't care too much. The star of david is already implied in most cases so im not surprised about him playing along.

(13.7KB, 359x139)
Hey there, so I noticed that I was clicking the wrong items to lock and pin threads. I was actually locking and bumplocking the threads instead. I only realized it afterwards. Looking at the layout I understand why I was confused.
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Replies: >>181 + 1 earlier
>>161 (OP) 
Just applied some changes and rebuilt all pages to fix the action footer on them all. It looks the same for me between brave and firefox now so hopefully it is the same in other browsers.
Basically brave for some reason doesnt support display:flex in the expanding details tag so I had to nest another div. 

You might want to clear cache or ctrl+f5 (force refresh) to make sure you get the updated css
Replies: >>182 >>183
thanks, I'll give it a go.
(150.6KB, 396x803)
That got it. Thanks mate.
Just updated
It will refresh the necessary pages now when you change the settings, and instead there is a ratelimit on changing board settings.
Replies: >>185
(34.7KB, 435x555)
Good thinking.

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