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Please refer to >>490 and report any issues in the same thread

Just testing the upload progress script. When you make a post the "New thread" or "New reply" button will show a percentage of upload. For posts without files it usually just skips right to 100, but its pretty useful when uploading files.

Also when posting in a thread, the page wont refresh when you post, it will show up the same way other posts arrive live (through the websocket) and scroll down and highlight your post.

This applies for users with javascript enabled. Everything works how it did as usual for noscript users,
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Testing this shit
>>124 (OP) 
Hey the replies being at the bottom looks pretty nice. What's this place about? Is board creation open to the public? Found from the github page from google searching.
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No specific topic atm. I used to run a board in 2016 with this domain but I'm not advertising or using that old theme just yet. Since 8ch is in trouble I started working on my own imageboard and here it is.
The site is mostly testing/demo, but if you want to make a board, feel free.
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Forgot to capcode and I should add that once I sort out my money I will setup better servers and make this place more resilient.
I actually wouldn't mind if you bring some people to test it out and just see what bugs you come across.
Appreciate you popping in.
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Hey sounds cool. I'll check this place every now and then for new developments, but have no plans to start my own board. Good luck though.
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I don't see a meta thread on this board so I'll just post here. I wanted to compliment the Admin on the board list. It's the most sensible on the entire webring right now. Going through that with the entire federation properly ranked, it's starting to feel a little more like the old 8ch list now. Keep up the good work.
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Thanks I was going to change it but now ill keep it how it is. I never looked at it like the 8chan list before, but now I cant unsee it and its beautiful. Cut off one head and 8 more grow really became true. Webring has been bretty good.
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>Cut off one head and 8 more grow really became true.
(23.5KB, 499x499)
You could say infinitely many heads grew
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Fun fact: Starfish actually do this; cut them into pieces and they will regenerate a new starfish from each piece.

You sure that's the original bro?
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Same checksum as one uploaded on the official website 
If there is a clearer version, I would love to see it.
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Kek. It's a long-standing meme that someone edits his stuff to include a star of david to imply the kikes were behind w/e the comic was lampooning. for example, cloudflare in this case would have (((BIG))) one. that's 'the original'. Ben himself plays along with it when he used to dump a new one on /pol/.
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Hehe, went over my head. I have seen some edits and the pieces from triggered journalism interns but seems like Ben doesn't care too much. The star of david is already implied in most cases so im not surprised about him playing along.

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