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>span class
>span class
>span class
Why is post formatting done like this? I never understand. There's already HTML tags to accomplish most things.
Bold = <b>, <strong>
Italic = <i>
Strikethrough = <s>
Underline = <u>
Inline monospace = <code>
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>>137 (OP) 
The main reason is some of those tags do not appear the same in all browsers or platforms. So you have better consistency with classes. Some other things to note:
1. Text is escaped before styling.
2. Some markdown-like format is easier and shorter for users to type, not everybody knows html.
3. The "raw" form (unstyled) of the post is served in the API and is better for other applications that probably dont want html and make their own styling.
However I agree this isnt ideal and might change in future to accommodate some features:
-Allow raw html for staff.
-Add server side syntax highlight for code tags.
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>The main reason is some of those tags do not appear the same in all browsers or platforms
Yeah I was talking about the HTML tags specifically, not about how the user inputs them.

Most of them used to mean styles, but apparently they can now all mean any unknown thing or nothing at all. Looks like I need to get updated on all the ways the web has gotten even fucking worse than it used to be.

Another consideration though, potentially, is other tools for browsing or interpreting the website. They won't know what a span with a special class is supposed to represent, but they will know what a html <code> tag is meant to represent.
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I actually don't mind BBCode nad have been thinking of switching to it (or something similar). Tags can have a name that is more descriptive so users actually understand what it is. Also I can add more styles and not be limited by weird combinations of special characters.

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