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Please refer to >>490 and report any issues in the same thread

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Hey there, so I noticed that I was clicking the wrong items to lock and pin threads. I was actually locking and bumplocking the threads instead. I only realized it afterwards. Looking at the layout I understand why I was confused.
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Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 213021.png
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>>161 (OP) 
Probably a browser compatibility issue. Is is only the sticky/lock buttons that look weird like that? It should look like pic related. I can try some older more compatible CSS later today.
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it's probably the old '/r/n' thing again. stephen lynx was having the same (or possibly related) issue, i believe.
and yes, that image would be much easier to understand heh. 

including a capp of the controls for you from my chromium-derivative (brave) on ubuntu.
There is actually no whitespace nodes in that part
It might have something to do with display: flex in CSS. 
Chrom/ium definitely supports it, so it must be some weird quirk.
You could try editing the css on the parent <details class='actions' ... tag with different properties. Try some of:
display: -webkit-box;
display: -moz-box;
display: -ms-flexbox;
display: -webkit-flex;
display: inline-flex;
display: flex;

Sometimes different browsers require a specific property to work. If one of those works, let me know else I can install chromium and give it a shot myself.
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will do chief.
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Hmm, don't see to find any way to manage CSS as just a Board Owner, Admin. Am I missing something?
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There is no custom CSS setting, only themes. I was talking about just doing it through the browser dev mode (f12).
I will try it myself with brave browser and report back the results.
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I see. Hmm, I think I'll just live with it in that case. Cheers, mate. 

>BTW, I assume there's a delay between setting the theme until it changes? I'd prefer Yotsuba B as a SFW board tbh.
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Changing theme, enforcing field options, changing announcement, etc will take effect when the page rebuilds. Rebuild happens when somebody makes a post. Another thing in the todo list (on github) is a rebuild option for board owners. It would be ratelimited but allow you to occasionally rebuild all the pages incase you change theme.
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Ah, I should've realized that myself. Thanks.
>>161 (OP) 
Just applied some changes and rebuilt all pages to fix the action footer on them all. It looks the same for me between brave and firefox now so hopefully it is the same in other browsers.
Basically brave for some reason doesnt support display:flex in the expanding details tag so I had to nest another div. 

You might want to clear cache or ctrl+f5 (force refresh) to make sure you get the updated css
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thanks, I'll give it a go.
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That got it. Thanks mate.
Just updated
It will refresh the necessary pages now when you change the settings, and instead there is a ratelimit on changing board settings.
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Good thinking.

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