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The Official Meta Thread
Discuss here everything about the site, the software, the staff, etc.
Rules: https://fatpeople.lol/rules.html
FAQ: https://fatpeople.lol/faq.html

Firstly, yes board creation is open but don't go crazy. I Will disable it at ~20 boards and allow exceptions beyond that for boards I find personally interesting or boards that need a bunker. When it comes to managing your board, I'll repeat what I said in another thread:
>Follow site rules, keep the content legal, don't skirt the line.
If you lack the time and staff to manage board, don't start one. Global moderation here works to keep the site running and out of trouble, not to run your board for you.
There has been some new activity since this site was added to the "webring" which is nice. There are tons of cool sites in the webring which you can find on the board page: https://fatpeople.lol/boards.html so have your bookmarks folder ready.
The software running here is a work in progress. Some features may be missing, others may be broken. Things will improve with time. If something does not work as you expect or you have any issues, please make a post in this thread (or board) and include a detailed description of the problem and steps to reproduce. For vulnerabilities/security issues, please refer to the FAQ and contact me privately.
Replies: >>237
Great, thanks Tom. Cute gun-grill btw.
Question; what's the trick to upload multiple images with one post? I've been able to set the limit at 3 in the moderation page, but trying to post anything more than one via the QRs 'files' field doesn't work afaict.
Replies: >>193
Its just a multiple input file field. you should be able to hold control and select up to 3 files in the file browser menu in your OS and it will upload them all. Also make sure your browser supports it https://caniuse.com/#search=file%20multiple
Replies: >>202
(21KB, 336x280)
(21KB, 336x280)
(21KB, 336x280)
For example
Would it be possible to make thumbnails a bit larger?
Replies: >>196 >>198
I was thinking about going 200x200 (right now its 128x128) for desktop users. Mobile I will probably use CSS to keep it the same. Not sure how it will affect already uploaded images but i could reprocess them all to 200x if need be.
Ill post in here when I get around to changing it.
Replies: >>198
(228.4KB, 1080x1350)
OK I made them a little bigger (200x200)
You might need to ctrl+f5 or clear cache to get the updated css.
Older thumbnails will still show as the smaller size.
(1MB, 460x344)
Testing can tor post files
not cucked, seemsgood.
I see thanks, I'll give it a try.
<also; caniuse.com
Cool. Didn't know about that.
Hey Admin Tom. So, I was responding to an anon about a board question.

I had already authenticated in and put this in the 'Name' field:
Chobitsu## Board Owner
but the standard name 'Robowaifu Technician' appeared in my post.

What gives, obviously I did something wrong?
Replies: >>206 >>207
hmmm OK ill try it out on a test board and check whats wrong.
Replies: >>207
Not your fault, problem fixed and I edited that post to include your name & cap. Thanks for the bug report on that.
Replies: >>208
(154.6KB, 761x800)
Great, thanks Tom!
I just saw the new board list. You've clearly vaulted fatchan's webring list to the front of the pack now. Thanks for the efforts Tom.
Replies: >>234
I might change it to only sort on one criteria instead of combinations because it adds more DB load and complexity. Even though mongodb supports index intersection I'm not sure how the performance will be when I add proper indexes. Right now it doesn't need them since the collections are so small and get cached anyway. I think most people only want to sort by most/least for users, pph or total posts so there is no need for multi-facet sorting. Once if the webring adds tags to the schema I will also change the "name" box to a "search" box and search with tags, since right now it only returns exact matches on board uri. That should be another improvement. 
Hopefully the board list does not get me in trouble because I saw some people arguing on smug/a about how offering a sorted list of all boards would lead to the 8chan problem of small boards being dead. I already had it mostly working before those comments though and would rather not remove it because I find it useful. Personally it doesn't stop me exploring smaller baords and I have posted on many.

In other news, there is now a small box at the bottom of thread page showing if you are connected to socket.io for live posts. New posts in the thread will appear immediately instead of polling the JSON like older imageboards. If you lose connection, once it can reconnect it will use the JSON to catch up, then continue with the websocket. The dot color meanings: yellow = connecting (on page load), green = connected, red = lost connection/trying to reconnect. You might need to ctrl+f5/clear cache for it to show up correctly.
Replies: >>235 >>246
Nah leave it as is imo. I know that a request was made to Robi to turn on tag data along with the webring broadcasts. He said he'd talk with someone (presumably the other guy on smug). Not sure what the status of the idea is atm.

Interesting, didn't know about that (I'm not much of a web guy yet though).
Replies: >>236 >>243
socket.io is kinda like websocket. Actually it is, but with some additional logic added in for rooms, and to let it scale beter through arbiters like redis. Instead of polling or repeating a request at an interval, the connection remains open and sends a heartbeat. 
When a post is made, it is delivered through the already open connection and sends only the necessary data for a single post. It saves on bandwidth by not requesting redundant data like the whole thread JSON on an interval, and also saves on server processing power by not opening and closing multiple requests. It just opens and maintains one.
Replies: >>239
>>186 (OP) 
shut up faggot
Replies: >>238
(65.8KB, 300x100)
>it just opens and maintains one.
Hmm. Managing limited resources is an important concern in general. I assume there is a practical limit on the number of these open connections?
Replies: >>240
Yes but it would be a pretty large number. If necessary socket.io can also be configured in long-polling mode where it maintains a queue for each socket and then it will poll (like the traditional behaviour) and update the posts in the same way. OR you could add a second server and connect it to the redis arbiter and it would scale the number of connections you could handle (if you know how to configure load balancers).
Maintaining only takes a small amount of ram. Making requests over and over probably uses more resources. I could also use webworkers to share the same connection between multiple tabs which would reduce connections (I will do this, just not high priority right now)
The site has had this feature for a long time, I just didnt have an indicator for it.
Replies: >>241
I see. I guess I have plenty to learn about web systems. I'm currently working on a thread pool atm so I'm learning something about stuff like this.
Replies: >>242
>working on writing my own thread pool*
Forgot to mention last night that last activity time and tags for boards were added to the webring. Seems like only smug and me implement it right now. But now board list search searches both uri and tags.
Replies: >>244 >>245
Oh cool. That will be very useful, especially when this grows to hundreds of boards among dozens of sites on the webring federation.
Looks like Robi has entered the board list battle with a vengeance Tom. :^)

His new webring panels looks pretty sweet.
Replies: >>246
Yes it's much nicer now. It's hard to compete since I do it all server-side.
Like I mentioned in >>234, sorting on the db without proper indexes is bad performance-wise. You don't notice yet because the webring and local boardlist is quite small, but it would get worse quickly. For a compound sort (sorting on multiple fields), the database needs a separate compound index for nearly every combination of sorting. It's not practical or reasonable to have so many database indexes. More indexes means a larger minumum size in memory and larger cpu footprint when re-ordering documents.
I think it would be best to support 2 indexed sorts:
- Default "8chan sort" which is a compound sort of [users, pph, posts]
- Activity sort
Both in either ascending or descending.
Replies: >>247
I see. Sounds complicated tbh. So, I certainly love the activity sort and I can tell already I'll soon be addicted to it. I can't be sure, but it looks like not every site is providing that info back yet? Julay, Smug, & Fatchan seem to be the only ones using it atm afaict.
Replies: >>248
Since Julay and smug has it, I assume its available in both the lynxchan and infinity/vichan plugins. It's just a matter of the other sites updating to use either one.
Replies: >>249
One thing I wish was available would be able to individually 'filter' out boards and even whole sites from appearing in the list (I mean as the end-user ofc). There are several boards that I never want to visit by their very nature, and even the newest Floridachan site itself doesn't allow TOR posters and therefore is of zero interest to me (since I never frequent boards I can read-only). For now, the lack of filtering isn't of much concern, but as you say it will grow and then it could feel like a minor nuisance if it's not present.
Replies: >>250 >>252
I could blacklist sites to prevent them showing up in the webring board list, but I think that is intended for boards that spam and cause trouble in the webring. Maybe somebody will release a small standalone client that has all the sorting and filtering available locally. That would also have the advantage of not visiting a bunker to find links to other bunkers, so people dont need to bookmark multiple board lists incase one goes down.
Replies: >>251 >>252
You Admin's need to blacklist sites is a whole higher arena than my personal ones (kinda why I mentioned 'as an end-user'). So for example /d/ might not be evil shits that are spamming everyone and need to be blacklisted therefore, but for me personally I'm never going there. Stuff like that.

>standalone client
There was an 'unofficial' standalone windows application for cuckchan back in the day that was a powerful gallery and thread-watcher tool. can't remember what it was called now, but I'm guessing you mean something like that.

And yea, I think especially at this early stage of the game sites are differentiating themselves from one another in various ways. One of those ways is the board list (and for which you took the early lead tbh).
The main issue with filtering/favoriting boards is that you'll have to do it separately for every individual website, because there's no way to transmit information between them without privacy issues (e.g. going through a central server). This is one of the greatest weaknesses of the webring in my opinion, it affects userscripts and styles and everything, it's just very hard to get any consistency.

I'd love to have it though, especially because Julayworld has so many damn boards and I only care about 3 or 4 of them.

>standalone client
I've been thinking about/advocating for this because it has almost nothing but advantages. It improves privacy and performance, doesn't require you to gimp the features just because JS is shit, solves the aforementioned consistency and data transfer problems, solves the "bookmark every website just in case" problem, generally brings the webring closer to you rather than the server you're on, enables features that are impossible on the browser, allows you to modify the structure of pages/posts/everything...

I'd do it myself but I have no experience whatsoever with programming networking.
Replies: >>255
Yes, I strictly mean some sort of end-user filtering tool directly on the boardlist page's script, not a webring-server/system-wide facility. Again, that's a higher level concern.
>Julayworld has so many damn boards
Heh, my response would be
A) This is a good thing ofc
B) Not as many as there will be! :^)

>standalone client
Those are all good ideas you bring up anon. Hmm, I haven't been using it for long, but libcurl for C/C++ seems to make it rather straightforward to use networking. Maybe it could serve as some kind of basis for a program? I'm sure Python has good networking as well.
(430.9KB, 500x282)
I see that 'Activity'  sort on the board list.
Replies: >>257
Thanks. Later I will add a relative time mode so it shows "x minutes/hours/days ago". Right now the times are in server timezone so they dont really make sense for all users.
Replies: >>258
(234.1KB, 2319x1546)
yeah, that would be kinda nice.
Alright added it. Goes from
>x minutes/hours/days/weeks/months ago 
>more than a year
Replies: >>260
Yea that looks just right. Any idea of adding a similar 'heat map' background to the time?
Replies: >>261
>>260 Added but you might need to clear cache/ctrl+f5 to get the updated css
Replies: >>262 >>265
(43.6KB, 600x647)
heh, that was fast. i love the fact you guys are all innovating at the same time together.
How will 8kun ever recover?
Replies: >>265
Heh, I just realized my joke might be misinterpreted given the current circumstances around 8kun. I absolutely want the Watkins to succeed with bringing it back online, I simply want bunkers and sites like this one to become much stronger players in the future. Competition is a good thing.
Replies: >>267
I'm really enjoying the board list here now. It's my go to tool to see where the activity is at.
Replies: >>267
>8kun come back
Yeah it will be pretty great when its back. Still using infinity based on the recent leaks and still has bonegoblins name on the bottom of every page. I am sure he is not happy about that and the "8" branding and will continue to sperg on twitter.
>become much stronger players in future
It would be fun to move to powerful server(s) and add multiple servers/proxies for high availability (kinda like 8kun) incase the site comes under threat or gets alot of growth. I don't expact that anytime soon though.

Thanks friend.
Replies: >>273
Webring/board list now correctly reports last activity if a post gets deleted e.g. removing spam. Going to update it again soon to respect SAGEs. Then it will be back on track matching what I read on smug.
Replies: >>273
yeah, he's really playing this up atm. sad, really.

Yes! Resiliency in the face of an adversarial environment is something I think about often and it will be vital in the future if IB culture is to survive. It will be a huge loss to the world if it disappears.

Nice. Look forward to it.
stephen lynx is a cunt
komi curious.jpg
(52.4KB, 800x450)
How easy would it be to implement last-50/100/200/etc views for threads? Would they be hard coded, or could it be left to the user to decide how large or small he wants to make it, like last-266?
Replies: >>277
You could make it output more pages with the last X posts but of course that means more server load generating them. It could be left to the user but then the page would be generated dynamically. If you make it a set number then its probably better to save it as a static file. 
Im not sure this site needs it (yet) anyway because the javascript is pretty light so big threads should load fast and not be such a burden. Part of that is due to the way posts update live using a websocket instead of downloading a massive html page, and partly because reply links are in the html not added by a script. Also the scroll buttons float in the bottom right so you can access them from anywhere on the page.

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