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Are there any restrictions for posters using tor?
Currently, no. It will stay that way as long as it doesn't become a problem.
You should add a "use the hidden service dipshit" function to check if the poster IP is a Tor exit node. It would be useful for when someone inevitably wants to host an onion using your software.
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>detect exit node
possible, but not implemented atm

>host as hidden service
I have a few things in mind that would need to change in order to run as a hidden service, and the webring would also need some changes to work over TOR (for all webring members).
Mosts hosts forbid exit nodes afaik, but a hidden service should be fine. I will check my hosts policy this weekend and maybe get one running. No promises though.
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>hosting Tor anything
I wouldn't do that if I were you. I was mainly speaking for other people who may want to host. Not everyone is going to want to join the webring either.
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The host is US-based and I don't have any qualms about running a hidden service. Australia sucks dick but if I was really worried, shell companies can be registered from just about anywhere. My identity is no secret, so if somebody had a problem with the site they could already send me nasty threats, and a hidden service would not make me any less strict on content rules.
Also if you run strictly a hidden service its pretty hard to find the origin server IP and thus be deplatformed, so a webring isn't really necessary.
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I see, that's interesting. Any good source to read up on tor. Since I use it all the time as an end-user maybe I should learn more about it tbh.
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The tor project themself host some good information and the technical papers aren't too hard to understand. You can start with some reading here:
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ok, thanks. i have the first phase of my software working now, so i'll make a thread on /tech/ this weekend.
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Blogposter guy?
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(214.6KB, 1137x966)
>pic related
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Sweet, sounds good.

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