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Happy Australia day

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Stephen Lynx is a cunt.
Hope you manage to make this software better so I don't have to deal with the trannycoder and his butt plug addons.
>>284 (OP) 
Are you planning to implement post hiding Admin? Having to look at shit like this on a site meta board is uncalled for. Not being able to hide it makes it unpleasant to even be here.
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If there is a good way that doesn't have the shitty "flash" where the posts appear for a split second before being hidden, sure. Maybe I would have to run the script at the end of the page before it renders (just dev thoughts). A hidden post would look something like pic related.
btw youre not stephen lynx are you anon?
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ehh, a flash is irrelevant. having to look at that tranny's fugly face or anything else stupid everytime is the main issue.
>btw youre not stephen lynx are you anon?
>>284 (OP) 
look at his tongue, wtf is that, some disease?
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Huehues don't brush their teeth.
>>284 (OP) 
Freech tier shitpost, but I'm still glad that people are finally getting serious about imageboard development.
>>284 (OP) 
OK just added this, you should definitely refresh/clear cache to get the latest scripts and css. I made it use a normal html dropdown so it should open in whatever the native UI for that is in your browser, so not so hard to click the options on mobile either :) There is still a big with the appearance on firefox mobile I have noticed, working on fixing that.
Alongside this came the setting icon in the top right (for users with scripts). It just has themes there right now but I will add more things to it eventually.
>>284 (OP) 
Idea: we should price-match Lynxchan + 16chan in the short run, and NPFchan + Lainchan + OpenIB in the long run.
It's called AIDS.
>some disease?
probably a yeast (Candida) infection. if you brush your teeth daily, u aren't likely ever going to get it.
Could someone list all the bugs from Lynxchan just for the keks?
Replies: >>440
Lynxchan itself isnt that buggy it just makes the mistake of not including a proper frontend. The default frontend is really ugly and ruins the experience. Feature wise lynxchan is quite good and its latest versions have made some nice improvements. I think if you made a frontend to replicate infinity, most users would like lynxchan but sadly that hasn't happened.
One bug I can think of (not sure if fixed now) is that if you post withotut a block bypass, you get redirected to the block bypass page. Sounds normal, right? Well even though your post didnt go through, it still counts towards flood detection so sometimes you still get blocked from posting.
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Read up on https://gitlab.com/alogware/xanderlynx and come back, as that theme is pretty good, and is applied to many websites.
What are the outputs of the backend anyway? Just a JSON API? Also are there any other frontends of Webring+Lynxchan?
Replies: >>442
I think julay.world uses xanderlynx. I just checked and it still has issues like horizontal scrolling (not having proper max width or overflow css), scripts not combined, content jumping, unlabelled icons in weird places, etc.
>what are outputs of backend
Lynx frontend is the js, css and templates that the backend will fill in with data and output json and html to gridfs, files within mongodb.

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