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Stephen Lynx is a cunt.
Hope you manage to make this software better so I don't have to deal with the trannycoder and his butt plug addons.
>>284 (OP) 
Are you planning to implement post hiding Admin? Having to look at shit like this on a site meta board is uncalled for. Not being able to hide it makes it unpleasant to even be here.
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If there is a good way that doesn't have the shitty "flash" where the posts appear for a split second before being hidden, sure. Maybe I would have to run the script at the end of the page before it renders (just dev thoughts). A hidden post would look something like pic related.
btw youre not stephen lynx are you anon?
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ehh, a flash is irrelevant. having to look at that tranny's fugly face or anything else stupid everytime is the main issue.
>btw youre not stephen lynx are you anon?
>>284 (OP) 
look at his tongue, wtf is that, some disease?
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Huehues don't brush their teeth.
>>284 (OP) 
Freech tier shitpost, but I'm still glad that people are finally getting serious about imageboard development.
>>284 (OP) 
OK just added this, you should definitely refresh/clear cache to get the latest scripts and css. I made it use a normal html dropdown so it should open in whatever the native UI for that is in your browser, so not so hard to click the options on mobile either :) There is still a big with the appearance on firefox mobile I have noticed, working on fixing that.
Alongside this came the setting icon in the top right (for users with scripts). It just has themes there right now but I will add more things to it eventually.
>>284 (OP) 
Idea: we should price-match Lynxchan + 16chan in the short run, and NPFchan + Lainchan + OpenIB in the long run.
It's called AIDS.
>some disease?
probably a yeast (Candida) infection. if you brush your teeth daily, u aren't likely ever going to get it.

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