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I do want to see this being developed as a replacement for 8chan and lynxchan
> Lynxchan is made by StephenLynx
Yeah ive seen the lynx memes. Hes left an issue or 2 on my repo, so he knows this exists. 

I looked at lynxchan code and it seems to use a callback for literally everything, even stuff that is synchronous. Very unnecessary and makes the code really hard to follow. Also gitlab links dont properly take you to the line you selected half the time. pain in the ass.
Could you please make a /tech/ board? Thanks
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you might be the only user, but i added it just for you m8 >>>/tech/
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Okay problem:
I can't just click on the post number and reply to them, I have to type out >>37 just to reply to a post ITT
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There are no scripts at all, i dont think its possible without it. Feel free to make a userscript
Links that does not have http or https at teh beginning, but does have top level domains, should be hyperlinked as well
e.g. kek.gg/u/MRkZ or discord.gg/vy8CUB4

(Exception: 8/pol/ has a rule that forbids hyperlinks from linking, to prevent data scraping and improve OpSec)
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OK, added to the list of stuff todo.
Also, I just added the "referrerpolicy" attribute to urls that get hyperlinked. If users have a modern browser, it should not send a referrer when clicking the link and its cross-domain. Easy little privacy buff.
Would there be any other signs that somebody clicked the link from this site other than the referrer? If not, I think this might be a nicer solution.
Okay I found a Python-based competitor
Maybe the they can collaborate with JSchan to make a better standard "imageboard  naming scheme" or "imageboard URL scheme"?
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I mean vichan uses:
uchan uses:
this uses:

Theres not really a need to make the URLs similar. Any application that is calling the API and supports multiple sites can surely change the API path and not just the base URL. The important thing being similar is API responses and property names which I will try to do once I implement json api.

Side note: I think i finally got the correct referrerpolicy on links to not send referer header (for supported browsers), i needed "same-origin" not "strict-origin". I will test with this: https://example.com
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>>69 seems to work for that last link. nice.
Please read >>64 and >>66 if you can

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