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Can we have an open discussion about these abusive assholes and how to keep their slimy paws off the webring?

I know there are 3 sites listed in your blacklist here, are there other known sites these tranny assholes are also running? There appears to be a shill post on floridachan. Is this one of their sites too?
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>>376 (OP) 
Yeah you can make a thread for discussion about it.
spacechan and bunkerchan are blacklisted because they are both owned by the same guy space_ who spams every website under the sun with spacechan's URL. I blacklisted 16chan.xyz because they had a bad HTTPS certificate, but apparently they are also in the ACF. I don't think the "good" webring (smug/vch/julay, etc) will let any of those sites in, so there isn't much point blacklisting them tbh.
Floridachan is definitely not part of the ACF. They have been around for a long time. In that thread you posted, they say they "thought it was sketchy" and I remember the admin in a thread on Julay saying they won't be joining the ACF. They want to stay out of that drama.
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I see. Yeah, I didn't think Floridachan had any part of it, just that there was a spammy OP in that link. Since the OP's subject is literally "Alt Chan federation" it seems reasonable to assume that site in the OP is part of their kikery. Know anything about that site?
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sorry for the confusion*
Not much. I mostly remember them for the customised front page (its a bit different from regular lynxchan, obviously).
The site seems to just be people from florica talking about living in florida, wildlife, lifestyle, etc and some people coming over to chat about tourism or visiting florida. Pretty niche site.
It isn't so lenient towards "hate speech" as many imageboards are. They have a designated board for it so I think the admin wants to keep the place sfw, friendly and professional. Seems they don't have a problem with other sites housing that stuff, though.
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Again, I meant 'the site that shall be unnamed', not Floridachan heh. I'm trying to discuss the spammer, not the victim. Thanks for the input anon.
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Oh, i guess im retarded or something my bad. Well, I remember a thread on Julay exposing their little ring of sites for stirring drama and fake news in order to generate traffic. 
The sites on the ACF are basically in 3 categories:
1. Spacechan
    The only successful place in the ACF is spacechan, but that's partly due to their internet-wide spam campaign (another story on its own). I will admit it's kind of impressive just how many places they managed to find to post their link.
2. 314chan and endchan
    Both endchan and 314chan NOPE'd out of the ACF once they realised what the retards were planning on doing to promote themselves. 314chan owner parley actually owned the original ACF domain before he left and somebody else in the group made them use a different domain. I don't think either sites are bad, just got roped into something sketchy by the wrong people. Endchan is run by (i think?) the same people who run gitgud.io, mixtape.moe and some other reputable sites so they are pretty cool guys. 314chan is okay too, my only gripe is that it were endorsed on twitter by bonegoblin.
3. The rest of the sites are just B-grade /pol/ bunkers.
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Thanks anon, I don't really know all that much about sites outside of 4chan, 8ch/8kun, and the webring atp. I don't want to steer people wrong about what sites are good and what sites aren't. I know it always comes down to the guys behind them, and that's a tough thing to decipher for me tbh.
> 314chan and endchan
These two should join the wearing ASAP (but endchan has too many boards so there should be an opt in for each BO).
> B-grade /pol/ bunkers
Then where are the A-grade /pol/ bunkers? /fascist/ on the webring?
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*webring, not wearing
Spacechan is comfy and actually active. Which only very few altchans can say.
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why do you think whether you are 'comfy' is important in this matter. the slimy fuck is evil.
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Because me being comfy is the most important thing, anything else is irrelevant.
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Getting fucked by the admins negates any sort of "comfy" you feel.
So, has anyone actually compiled a list of the guilty sites of the ACF (for those of us who never wanted to sit through literal days of videos listening to tranny faggots plot schemes)?
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There's a list very early in the /cow/ thread from their "home" "page". The big players were spacechan and neinchan; endchan apparently got suckered in at one point but odili ran as soon as he heard what they were talking about in their big gay discord.
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that's a cyclical and those posts are long gone i expect. did anyone ever record it elsewhere?
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>that's a cyclical
No it isn't: https://julay.world/cow/res/7486.html
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That's good news, thanks anon. Care to further spoonfeed us where a list (if any) or the evidence for which sites other than the ones already mentioned here are?

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