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Happy Australia day

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Not trying to stir up shit, I'm legit curious what you think of this. I have always avoided frameworks and I admit I'm very biased against them.

Source: https://medium.com/@me_37286/20-ways-to-become-a-better-node-js-developer-in-2020-d6bd73fcf424
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>>521 (OP) 
Yea I could switch to Koa ive looked at it in the past and its pretty similar. I will have to see what file upload middlewares people have made. No plans to switch immediately as its not a big issue.
My opinion on libraries and node is that even if you avoid directly using and hate stupid libraries like lodash/underscore, it they ends up used by something 10 children deep in the clusterfuck dependency tree.
If you want to keep your sanity, whatever you do dont CLOC the node_modules folder of any node project.
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Yeah, this is why I've always kept modules to a minimum and removed the ones that used stuff I didn't trust, like jsdom.

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