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Happy Australia day

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Your board has WAY too many unnecessary options. The world really needs a stable, simple chan that does not break down every 2 minutes. Every single unnecessary option is just something to break down in the future.
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>>587 (OP) 
If you have something that is specifically broken please post error logs and a description in the sticky thread, ill have a crack at fixing it. I dont think there are too many options nor does more options necessarily mean instability.
Thanks for stopping by.
>>587 (OP) 
What I meant to say was I'm sorry for all the options I'll remove all of them except for the one where you kill yourself thank you for stopping by.
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tried to make my name "anon hashtag hashtag admin" but it just put out "Anon"
Don't care but you seem to. cool board.
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capcode is stripped if you arent logged in or dont have permission
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no I typed out the word hashtag twice
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oh okay names can't have spaces or they default to "Anon" that's not really an error now is it I'll move along. Like I said cool site.
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>put the name in the subject field
gotcha, lets see if that fixed it ^ ^
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Poop also other not spam like text
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† what the FUCK myspaceguy if I had known my post would be so heretical I wouldn't have made it what did someone spam your FAT FUCKING WEBSITE Christ is King do not forget that all praise but get a grip dude sneaking up evil posts on innocent CHRISTIAN anons is not okay okay thank you good site really like what you're making here and I support you in spirit †
absolutely satanic!

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