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Sorry yall, just disabled captcha and upped the trigger threshhold. Currently its based on the raw number of PPH. I will soon change it to be less strict on replies and more strict on new threads (to prevent sliding). 
Its not a problem at the moment anyway, I think just a few people from 8/tech have come here and made a few posts (I see somebody posted this in the project thread) and i had it set to only 10 since the site is dead.
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Check chat.nobodyhasthe.biz again, should be something there
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I made an account if you were asking me so message me on there whenever.
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>>14 (OP) 
What's this? A website operator the doesn't automaticlly assume I'm a robot because I'm not using Chrome or allowing javashit to run?
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I plan to keep noscript compatible. Hopefully some features like the replies showing without js and using some cool CSS tricks improves the experience.
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Tom you're a hero. Thanks bro.

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CoCs suck (PIC IS PIG)
Here are a list of alternatives:
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>>3 (OP) 
no coc is best coc
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>t. thailand /tech/ anon

retard discord bot
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store.bot.on("ready", middleware.ready);
store.bot.once("ready", middleware.ready);
.once to only fire once 3Head
Youre a nigger.webm
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Sorry, couldn't find a QTDDTOT thread, so I'll post this here instead.

I'm a C++ developer and I'd like to start a thread here blogposting about my little project. But I've noticed that on most /tech/ boards there's (what I considered to be) an unhealthy fascination with C to the exclusion of all other languages--'especially' C++. 

Now I have a thick skin and can easily point out C++ is superior to C, but frankly it's a distraction from work and more importantly, I don't want to annoy the BO here if he also shares this widely-held misconception about the superiority of C.
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> I want to blogpost
You are free to blogpost, make a thread.

>Dont want to annoy BO because i prefer C++
I have used C in the past, never C++ but have no preference. Actually if I had to use one now C++ might be my choice so you certainly won't annoy me.
That said, this could be some joke post from what ive seen in the past on various /tech/ boards where people love talking up C. Im not good with recognising jokes, maybe I'm retarded.
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OK, I'll plan on something here shortly then.

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