Sorry yall, just disabled captcha and upped the trigger threshhold. Currently its based on the raw number of PPH. I will soon change it to be less strict on replies and more strict on new threads (to prevent sliding). 
Its not a problem at the moment anyway, I think just a few people from 8/tech have come here and made a few posts (I see somebody posted this in the project thread) and i had it set to only 10 since the site is dead.
I aim to install a distro with following specifications:
- modern drivers for Radeon display adapters e.g. AMDGPU
- no systemd/GNOME3/pulseaudio with horrible defaults
- better documentation than devuan
Any suggestions? Considering gentoo, funtoo, guix, slackware for starters. I avoided Arch since it defaults to systemd - leading to unnecessary dependencies that can be potentially incompatible with a minimalist init. I wonder if that can be mitigated, since Arch seems very fun to tinker with.
Another imageboard software enters the fray written in python.
Julay's admin Robi just posted this. What do you think, how far will it go and will it take off? He has good coding knowledge based on his efforts at Julay.
Because SHA3 is complete and utter garbage.
If I have to recommend a hash algorithm, I would choose BLAKE2, or if people want to have something fresh, BMW, SHABAL and skein (in decreasing order of speed).
Even though ECHO and Shavite3 is fast (faster than BLAKE2, as fast as BMW) they rely on AES instruction sets which makes them useless in ceratin cases.
I would never recommend CubeHash (not even CubeHash832) as the person making it was a fucking troll.
Who here uses Hydrus?
retard discord bot

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