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Sorry yall, just disabled captcha and upped the trigger threshhold. Currently its based on the raw number of PPH. I will soon change it to be less strict on replies and more strict on new threads (to prevent sliding). 
Its not a problem at the moment anyway, I think just a few people from 8/tech have come here and made a few posts (I see somebody posted this in the project thread) and i had it set to only 10 since the site is dead.
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Check chat.nobodyhasthe.biz again, should be something there
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I made an account if you were asking me so message me on there whenever.
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>>14 (OP) 
What's this? A website operator the doesn't automaticlly assume I'm a robot because I'm not using Chrome or allowing javashit to run?
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I plan to keep noscript compatible. Hopefully some features like the replies showing without js and using some cool CSS tricks improves the experience.
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Tom you're a hero. Thanks bro.

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CoCs suck (PIC IS PIG)
Here are a list of alternatives:
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>>3 (OP) 
no coc is best coc
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>t. thailand /tech/ anon

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I aim to install a distro with following specifications:
- modern drivers for Radeon display adapters e.g. AMDGPU
- no systemd/GNOME3/pulseaudio with horrible defaults
- better documentation than devuan
Any suggestions? Considering gentoo, funtoo, guix, slackware for starters. I avoided Arch since it defaults to systemd - leading to unnecessary dependencies that can be potentially incompatible with a minimalist init. I wonder if that can be mitigated, since Arch seems very fun to tinker with.
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>>50 (OP) 
>leading to unnecessary dependencies that can be potentially incompatible with a minimalist init
and uhh, well other issues as well..
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Since you want up-to-date graphics drivers you probably want to do something that would benefit from a very popular distro and its regular updates, so just do Gentoo.
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>>50 (OP) 
>tinkering with arch
You will definitely do enough of that with other distros and Gentoo as you listed fits requirements better.
Having the AUR available and being 'rolling release' can help you run the latest and wider range of software with less effort, but of course security and stability may suffer. I would say you benefit from this the least if you aren't adverse to building things on your own. Everything else about arch is just meh.
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There is no need to duplicate the rest of the arguments against it, I did not want to cause a systemd bashing thread. They are boring now.
I honestly do understand your concern.
Does the gentoo CoC influence the quality of the package management tooling? There was some sort of drama thing involving drobbins, too early to be involved with CAE or RH. Something about the project management moving too slow, I think. 
I guess I'll still pick gentoo since it's already been ported to more CPU arches.
>arch meh
Noted, thanks.
fix the documentation your complaining and and send in patches. then use devuan

Another imageboard software enters the fray https://gitgud.io/rb/FinalSolution written in python.
Julay's admin Robi just posted this. What do you think, how far will it go and will it take off? He has good coding knowledge based on his efforts at Julay.
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>>60 (OP) 
This will turn out just like futatsu did, calling it.
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>like futatsu did
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>>60 (OP) 
I'm sure it will be better than anything written by Stephen Lynx for sure. My money's on Tom's deal tbh in fact of course.
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Ah, I see. I don't think you know Robi very well then tbh. He's a busy fucker tbh.

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Because SHA3 is complete and utter garbage.
If I have to recommend a hash algorithm, I would choose BLAKE2, or if people want to have something fresh, BMW, SHABAL and skein (in decreasing order of speed).
Even though ECHO and Shavite3 is fast (faster than BLAKE2, as fast as BMW) they rely on AES instruction sets which makes them useless in ceratin cases.
I would never recommend CubeHash (not even CubeHash832) as the person making it was a fucking troll.
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No people do use tree hashes for "speed-ups" in practice (see Keccak's tree hashing)
BUT the Merkle Tree idea for Torrent is very similar to the idea of MerkleDAG in IPFS, which is pretty good
>>26 (OP) 
IIRC Sha-2 is fastest because of hardware implementations.
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AES has hardware implementations and judging by the table in >>27 some hashing algorithms are using it. This is above my head as far as /tech/ goes but isn't AES for encryption and hash algorithms are supposed to be one-way only?
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AES as scrambling function my boi, scrambling and compression functions have different uses within the MD construction.
>>26 (OP) 
>Because SHA3 is complete and utter garbage.
why though

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Who here uses Hydrus?
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If you really use discord you can contact them through discord.gg/vy8CUB4 (not trying to shill here, that was written on their GitHub ReadMe)
qt based UI soon, stalker
No but now that you've brought it back to my mind I'll dig around a little in the code base. I'm currently creating an board archivebot that I intend to release publicly once it's good enough. I'll be using it to keep my own board safely archived (and easily migrated from one site to another) and I figure I'm not the only one who could use such a tool now.

Basically a command-line tool atm, but I could easily knock together a simple UI for it if necessary.
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You should make something to scrape 8kun/chan when its back. Grab everything with the API and then download all the files from some boards. Who knows how long it will last. Having the data saved will make migration to other sites possible and im sure alot of anons would appreciate it.
Yeah, the hooks are already in the code actually. I'm just waiting for the site to come up and confirm it's actual layout to finalize it, then I'll scrape my board entirely and I plan to create an export facility so that Robi and Tom here can migrate a copy of the entire board easily. Again, I expect I'm not the only one who might want to do this.

retard discord bot
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store.bot.on("ready", middleware.ready);
store.bot.once("ready", middleware.ready);
.once to only fire once 3Head
Youre a nigger.webm
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Sorry, couldn't find a QTDDTOT thread, so I'll post this here instead.

I'm a C++ developer and I'd like to start a thread here blogposting about my little project. But I've noticed that on most /tech/ boards there's (what I considered to be) an unhealthy fascination with C to the exclusion of all other languages--'especially' C++. 

Now I have a thick skin and can easily point out C++ is superior to C, but frankly it's a distraction from work and more importantly, I don't want to annoy the BO here if he also shares this widely-held misconception about the superiority of C.
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> I want to blogpost
You are free to blogpost, make a thread.

>Dont want to annoy BO because i prefer C++
I have used C in the past, never C++ but have no preference. Actually if I had to use one now C++ might be my choice so you certainly won't annoy me.
That said, this could be some joke post from what ive seen in the past on various /tech/ boards where people love talking up C. Im not good with recognising jokes, maybe I'm retarded.
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OK, I'll plan on something here shortly then.

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