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I aim to install a distro with following specifications:
- modern drivers for Radeon display adapters e.g. AMDGPU
- no systemd/GNOME3/pulseaudio with horrible defaults
- better documentation than devuan
Any suggestions? Considering gentoo, funtoo, guix, slackware for starters. I avoided Arch since it defaults to systemd - leading to unnecessary dependencies that can be potentially incompatible with a minimalist init. I wonder if that can be mitigated, since Arch seems very fun to tinker with.
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>>50 (OP) 
>leading to unnecessary dependencies that can be potentially incompatible with a minimalist init
and uhh, well other issues as well..
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Since you want up-to-date graphics drivers you probably want to do something that would benefit from a very popular distro and its regular updates, so just do Gentoo.
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>>50 (OP) 
>tinkering with arch
You will definitely do enough of that with other distros and Gentoo as you listed fits requirements better.
Having the AUR available and being 'rolling release' can help you run the latest and wider range of software with less effort, but of course security and stability may suffer. I would say you benefit from this the least if you aren't adverse to building things on your own. Everything else about arch is just meh.
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There is no need to duplicate the rest of the arguments against it, I did not want to cause a systemd bashing thread. They are boring now.
I honestly do understand your concern.
Does the gentoo CoC influence the quality of the package management tooling? There was some sort of drama thing involving drobbins, too early to be involved with CAE or RH. Something about the project management moving too slow, I think. 
I guess I'll still pick gentoo since it's already been ported to more CPU arches.
>arch meh
Noted, thanks.
fix the documentation your complaining and and send in patches. then use devuan
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Gentoo kernel configuration complex. Going to keep trying.  
I'm not using email unless I get a proxy. Don't want my location and hardware tied to patches. 
I think the problem came down to runlevels and eudev when using LVM within LUKS on GPT. Bloody login manager kept breaking because eudev failed to start, I had to start it manually from recovery boot mode.
Gentoo is definitely the "fastest horse in the glue factory" if you want to get rid of certain shitware: USE flags, user patches and overlays make it possible. Kernel configuration is obnoxious but it's a thing you do once for your hardware and then you just reuse and modify the old one. Nothing stops you from reusing another distro's kernel config either, though that one will obviously be more bloated. Most Linux security issues are in weirdo kernel modules that only shituntu et al include.

I haven't seen CoC shit be a big issue aside from worthless busybodies in IRC who won't answer your question but *will* rant at you for saying "fuck" once, but the quality of package management has definitely declined in the last few years. The worst part was probably when they edited the qt4 USE flags away without even a build revision. Thanks for silently removing my wpa_supplicant GUI, faggots.
I gave up on gentoo after spending a couple of days trying to configure and compile a kernel, without using kernel modules where possible, without using an automatic initramfs using tools like Dracut. AMD firmware for GPUs is a real pain when you try to hardcode the path to the firmware. I couldn't boot into any login screen at all.
I'm guessing slackware would have been a better choice in retrospect, but now I'm on debian because I want to play games without having to spend half an hour checking dependencies that have been renamed.

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