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Another imageboard software enters the fray https://gitgud.io/rb/FinalSolution written in python.
Julay's admin Robi just posted this. What do you think, how far will it go and will it take off? He has good coding knowledge based on his efforts at Julay.
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why are feds so cringe
I don't think something made in python is a final solution to anything.
>>60 (OP) 
This will turn out just like futatsu did, calling it.
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>like futatsu did
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(1.2MB, 395x498)
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I'm sure it will be better than anything written by Stephen Lynx for sure. My money's on Tom's deal tbh in fact of course.
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(2.6KB, 232x57)
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Ah, I see. I don't think you know Robi very well then tbh. He's a busy fucker tbh.
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Well why not just use/update Uchan or Picoboard?
what's wrong with lynxchan?
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Stephen Lynx. Other than that, there are at least a few technical problems like pronounced vulnerability to triggering MongoDB topology destruction crashes.
Could we please make this the Imageboard engine thread? JSchan is lacking but Lynxchan is cursed. Would like to see others to step up the plate and show that they can replace Lainchan's PHP engine (yuck)
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So what would be a good list of things an IB engine should have, and (maybe even as important) things an IB engine shouldn't have anon?

For example I don't think PHP is a good language to build any larger system on, but obviously there are lots of web software devs who feel otherwise. That's not an IB 'feature' ofc, but more of an underlying architectural choice. 

Even though I enjoy C++, and PHP is sort of a 'C-with-classes' approach to the web, I don't find PHP to be a very maintainable language for programming in. But I find well-written C++ to be much more so. 

I don't know of any IB engines written in modern C++ however (or even the shitty 'C-with-classes' approach so many non-C++ devs write for that matter). But one thing I'm definitely convinced of; A well-written IB engine using good C++ in the backend would be both very fast, and very scalable.
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over-optimization is a bad idea, it should have a scripting language core front and center for ease of adding in new features to be on par in a short amount of time.
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Pretty sure these are a dime-a-dozen already no? Doesn't seem to have helped out much yet IMO. I'm hopeful Tom will turn that around tbh.
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I think that all successful imageboards are written in javascript, php, python or some scripting language. Sure, meguca is written in Go but last i checked had like 6000 commits... insane amount more work. And is meguca known for amazing performance? Sure in a benchmark Go will take first place, but the ease of horizontal scaling a stateless application written in some scripting language makes it more worthwhile.

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